Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rava Kesari / Kesari Bhaat

Here comes another dish for Asha's RCI: K. Now it is Rava kesari or kesari Bhaat. When I made this for my wedding anniversary, my hubby suggested that I could send this to Asha. Before that I did not know that it is a karnataka dish too. After that, I confirmed the same with google and here I am posting this for everyone.
Actually, Kesari is a very easy sweet dish that can be done in a jiffy. Although, it is a simple dish sometimes people can go wrong in it when the water level is not adequeate or if the rava has not been mixed properly. I remember , once in my childhood my newly married aunt made this sweet so bad that my sister and me named it as 'rava kal' (meaning rava stone) and since then I had hated it so much. But after I started cooking I realized that this dessert is not that bad after all. Ok guys, I think I have bored your enough. So, here is the recipe.

Rava/semolina- 1 cup
sugar- 1 3/4 cup (I like mine really sweet, You can reduce the amount if u want)
ghee- 1/4 cup (add more if you are not dieting)
water- 2 1/2 cups
saffron a pinch
elachi/cardamom powder- 1/4 tsp
cashews- 6(broken)
raisins- 10
ghee- 2 tbsp(for frying cashews and raisins)

Heat water and bring it to a boil. Soak saffron in a tbsp of milk and set aside.In a small pan fry cashews and raisins with ghee and set aside. In another pan, dry roast rava until the color changes a little bit. Now add hot water and keep stirring continously taking care that you don't get any lumps. When the rava is almost cooked add sugar, saffron milk,cardamom powder and ghee. Mix well . Keep stirring until the kesari leaves the sides of the pan. Switch off the gas and add the fried nuts. Serve hot.

Note: You can reduce the amount of water if you want your kesari to be very thick. Also, microwave kesari each time before serving so that you still get the same 'hot from the stove' taste.

Here is a bite for all of you. Enjoy!!!
I know that my anniversary post is pending. I shall try to post it soon.Thank You guys for all your wishes and blessings.


Vcuisine said...

Rava kesari look wonderful Kribha. Viji

USHA said...

Wow!!!kesari looks perfect and delicious...
Good entry for event too...

easycrafts said...

looks yummy ..nice blog

Raaga said...

I wish I could eat out of that picture

Happy cook said...

Kesari looks very nice.
Like the nick name of the dish you and sis gave.

Asha said...

Kribha, it's 8.40am and I started drooling at your Kesari Bhath!! Looks delicious,specially the last photo.Thanks sweetheart,hugs:)

Rajitha said...

kribha.. i agree on the badly cooked food that puts u off for a loong time...the dish looks yummy and rawa-kal is funny!!

TBC said...

I love this!

Jeena said...

Kribha your Kesari certainly doesn't look like a stone! It looks delicious and your recipe sounds simple, this is one I must try out sometime! :)

Pravs said...

I can imagine the taste of rava kesari..yum ! :D

Kribha said...

Dear Viji, Usha and Raaga,
Thanks for your kind words. Glad that you all liked it.

Hi easycrafts,
Nice to have you here.Thanks for visiting and please come back for more.

Hi HC,
Thanks dear. About the nick name...Now I feel so bad for hurting my newly wed aunt's feelings. was little at that time, so she forgave me.

Hi Asha,
Thanks for your words dear. I'm so happy that you liked it.Hugs to you for organizing this event.

Hi Rajitha,
Yes dear. Those words are so true. I like kesari now, still in some corner of my mind I'm not great fan of this. It's only for my hubby I do it.

Hi TBC and Pravs,
THanks dears for your kind words.

Hi Jeena,
I'm happy that you liked it. Go ahead and try it dear. It is so simple and can be done in 10 mins if you have all the ingredients ready. Good luck!

meeso said...

I love this dish, I have made quite a few recipes...I like to try different ones, some really sweet, others not...I like them all, I will try yours soon, it looks really good :)

Kribha said...

Thanks meeso. Hope you give it a try soon.