Thursday, September 6, 2007

Urad dal vadai

Urad dal / Ulundu vadai is a very common breakfast item in South-India. With this basic vada we can make sambar vada or dahi vada. Again, this is my MIL's recipe and she is so good at it. Try it for yourself and you will surely agree with me.

I'm adding this after seeing Asha's comment. I did not know that this is a karnataka dish too and goes by the name ' Uddin Vade'. So, now I'm sending this for RCI:K.

urad dal- 1/4 kg

ponni raw rice- 1 tsp
onion-2(medium size)
green chillies-2
ginger- 1"
curry leaves-few
salt- as required

Soak urad dal for 5 to 6 hours. Drain and grind it with rice to a smooth paste (like butter). Add finely chopped onions, green chillies, ginger, corriander and curry leaves. Do not add salt while grinding the urad dal. Salt should be added after the batter is ready . If not the batter will give away the water and make it runny.
Oil your palms and shape the batter into vadas. You can use a ziploc cover too instead of your hand. Slide it carefully in the oil and deep fry it. Serve it with coconut chutney.


Asha said...

Kribha, send it to me for RCI K. We call them Uddin Vade in Karnataka.Looks perfect, Arvind loves them.I always get hard time to make holes because I can not grind Urad thick enough!:)

Happy cook said...

I am drooling here. A whole big plate of vada.
One of my favorite snacks.
yum yum I woudn't mind it with a bit of spicy cocnut chutney.
Bo hooooo blog world is not good for my health i will expand in all direction.
Thank god looking to the recipe and picture one don't gain :-)))

swapna susarla said...

wow those vadas looks tempting!!

Rajitha said...

kribha.. i love vadai.. those look delicious...i am yet to make them tho.. i make bonda style as i am scared of making that hole and dropping in hot oil..crazy i know!!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

The vadas look delicious :-)

Kumudha said...

I love these vadas. It has been a long time since I made these, after seeing these vada pictures, I want to make some vadas!

Jeena said...

Kribha, I love your pictures they look so tasty! Lovely recipe. :)

indosungod said...

Kribha looks lovely, I can almost taste them with some coconut chutney.

Pravs said...

Vada's !!! so tempting.

Suma Gandlur said...

My mouth is watering. Pass me that plate, please.

TBC said...

What cute looking vadas!Just need some sambar to dunk it in :-)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Kribha....
This is my fav.... urs is looking so YUM!......Makes me hungry...

nithya said...

i was always a silent reader to your blog,for the past few months all yourdishes are mouthwatering and reminds my hometown coimbatore. i missed you a lot when you were away nice to see you here again. goodluck and waiting forward to much more tasty recipes

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for letting me know that I can send it for RCI:K. Will surely do it.

Hi HC,
Thanks dear. I love vadas with chutney too. Yes, I agree with you. Thank God we don't gain weight bt just looking at food.

Hi Swapna,
Glad to have you here. I'm happy that you liked the vadas. Please keep visiting.

Hi Rajitha,
You're not crazy. I've been there many times. Many years I have made only bonda like vadas b'coz I could not get the holes in there right.So, Don't worry. You can do it soon.

Hi Sirisha,
Warm welcome to you. Glad you liked the vadas. Please keep visiting.

Hi kumudha,
Nice to have you here. Go ahead and make your vadas. Will look forward to it in your blog.

Hi Jeena,
Thanks dear for your kind words. I'm glad that you liked it.

Hi Indo,
I love vadas with chutney too. I couldn't take a picture with chutney as there was a crowd already waiting for the hot vadas. Will do it next time.

Hi Pravs and Suma,
Thanks dears for your kind comments. Glad you liked it and Suma, come on over to my place. I will gladly make you a new plate of vadas.

Hi tbc,
I know what you're talking about. I'm sorry dear, couldn't take a picture with sambar as there were people already waiting for the vadas.

Hi sukanya,
Thanks dear. I'm happy that you liked it.

Dear Nithya,
A warm welcome to you. I was so happy to see your comment. You made my day. Eh, You know what? My hometown is coimbatore too. Born and did my schooling there. Later, I moved to salem along with my parents. Glad to have you here and please keep visiting.

Easyindianfood said...

Visitng your blog for the first time. You have made perfect vadas with holes...i never get the holes right, wonder how you did them. How i wish, i could dip these in some hotel sambhar and enjoy them. Adding ur link to my blog to keep visiting this nice blog

Kribha said...

Hearty welcome to you dear. Don't worry about the holes in the vada. You can do it if you practice it two or three times. Many times I have made only bonda like vada as my urad dal batter was not thick enough.
Thanks for adding my blog to your list. Will add yours soon.

remya said...

wow!!! a plate full of cute vadas...hmmm love to eat with coconut chutney n hot coffeee...
i have tried making vada...but it comes like bondas with out holes...i think easyindiandoc also got the same issue....surely will ur style of vada....

Kribha said...

Yes remya, it takes a little practice. Don't worry you will master the art soon.