Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Few food pics from my India Trip

As many of you know, I was on a break from june to august as I had to attend my SIL's wedding. After coming back I wanted to post some pics but I couldn't do it. So, here are some.

My second SIL with her groom and two girls on the sides are my first SIL's kids.

Virundhu in my first SIL's place for the newly wed. The items are Chicken Biryani, onion raitha, Era varuval, vangiram fish fry, boiled egg and chicken roast.

Desserts are fruit salad (banana, jack fruit, mangoes and nagapazham) and rasamalai.

Pictures was taken in yercaud. The sour mangoes with spicy chilli powder mix is a perfect one for the cold days. This is the

American sweet corn that is grilled on charcoals and served with lemon and a spice mix.

Look closely. It's not just two monkeys. There are three of 'em. The left one is a mommy hugging the little one.

A big plate full of figs / Athi pazham. When I saw a fig dessert in viji's blog I wished this picture would become real so that I could grab some and try it. I absolutely love figs.

Last but not least is my all time favorite Panju mittai/ cotton candy. I don't like the ones we get in US. It just dosen't taste the same. I ate 3 of them in a row. YUM YUM.

That's all guys. Just wanted to share them with you. Have a nice weekend!!!


Asha said...

So nice to see the pics. Love the monkeys the most!HeHe!!
What a feast Kribha.I bet you enjoyed eating all the desserts!:))

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Nice pics Kribha....The desserts look great and so are the monkeys :-))

Padma said...

Thanks for sharing those pics, dessert looks delicious and so much miss our Indian corn

TBC said...

I like what they've done with the mangoes.Nice of you to share these pics:-)

Laavanya said...

Nice pics Kribha. You are so right about the panju mittai in India.. is so much more airy and tasty than the dense ones you get here.


Lovely pictures...You should have had a great time then..I too love to watch monkey.
Dont say that u ate 3 in a row that cotton candy..I just feel like eating now...!!

USHA said...

Hi Kribha,

Nice pictures...hey i was literally feeling very tempting..after seeing such delicious items on vazhaellai..hmmm:(((...

lakshmi said...

Love Panju Mithai - its almost like having nothing but you filled with the taste of incredible sweetness!!!

Bharathy said...

Sorry to have missed your recent posts kribha...CONGRATS (belated) for your 100th post!!
Virunthunna ithan virunthu...kozhi, meenu, muttai...eeaaao nakku ooruthu!!!Lucky have feasted around!!

Pinne.. enga Tamil nattu panji muttayinna enna summava??:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice pictures kribha! liked the atthi pazham very much!:)) Family wedding is always fun!:))

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Glad that you enjoyed the pics. I loved the monkeys too. Could have taken a better picture. About that was really gr8. Still.I had to finish the food fast to lay my paws on the dessert. You know me. Ha ha ha :))

Hi Sirisha,
Thanks dear. yes, the desserts were the best.

I love the mangoes too. The moment I saw it I thought I had to click them so that I could drool over in future.

Hi Lavanya,
You are so right. I did not know how to tell the difference. But you got it. The ones we get in US is dense and it melts slowly when compared to the ones we get in India.

Hi Raks,
Happy that you liked them. Sorry to tempt you. Actually, I ate 5. I did not write that number as people would think I'm crazy. After sometime, my mom scolded me that I'm setting a bad example for my son. So, I had to stop.

Hi Usha,
virundhu on vazha ellai is something I long for. This pic will help me to pass 2 years until I get the next one.Glad that u liked it too.

Hi Lakshmi,
That's a very nice description. Loved it.

Hi Bharathy,
Enjoyed reading your lovely comment. So, u are panji muttai lover too? Glad you liked the food pics.

Kribha said...

Hi Latha ma,
Glad that you liked the pics. Sure, aathi pazham is my fav too. I miss it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi akha its really looking good.
my mom is very happy to c this pic's. Then Kavin is luking like a Hero in white dress.

Cynthia said...

I enjoyed seeing a little into your world. Thank you for sharing.

Kribha said...

Hi Dhivya,
Glad you liked the pictures. Next time onwards, do write your name down so that I will know who sent it. Thanks for taking the time to visit me.

Hi Cynthia,
You are most welcome cynthia. Glad you liked 'em.

Sia said...

yum yum...looks like u had gr8 time in india kribha:)

Kribha said...

Yes Sia. Sure had a good time although it was short.

Sharmi said...

all the pics are so good! thanks for sharing! esp. the panju metais:)

Puspha said...

Thanx for sharing ur lovely pix.

Kribha said...

Hi Sharmi,
Glad you enjoyed the pics. So, u'r are panju metai lover too. :))

Hi Pushpa,
You are most welcome.

Vcuisine said...

Nice pictures Kribha. They are lovely. Feeling home sick now :) Viji

Kribha said...

Hi Vijika,
sorry for making you feel homesick. But I'm happy that you liked them.

Lea said...

Thanks for writing this.