Saturday, October 6, 2007

Yay!!! My 100th Post!!!

Here is a milestone in my blogging. I have reached my 100th post!!! Like many other bloggers, even I didn't think I'll be blogging so long. There were times when I thought I should quit blogging and concentrate on something else. But, I just don't understand the power behind this. It's got me addicted.

So, what's kept me going inspite of so many hurdles? It's all of your encouragement through comments. "Appreciation". Who dosen't like this? There are so many dishes that even my hubby has failed to appreciate(mostly he wil be engrossed in TV or talking to my son), but you guys are awesome. You have always been there for me. You are all the best!!! So, I want to take this opportunity and thank each and everyone of you who spent time on my blog going thru recipes, writing your valuable comments and given me suggestions to improve.So, here is a big "THANKYOU" for everything.

Ok, without further delay let's go to the recipe. This time I tried "Thai Red Curry". This has always been my favorite in thai dishes. I tried this recipe(red curry paste) from the cookbook
"Authentic Thai Food". It was really good although I missed few of the authentic ingredients . So ,I wanted you guys also to try it. So, here is the recipe.

Chicken- 2 breasts
onion- 1/2 (sliced)
green bell pepper- 1/2 (sliced)
red bell pepper- 1/2 ( sliced)
mushrooms- 5 (sliced)
Pineapple- (canned, drained, cut into big chunks)
You can use babycorn, bamboo shoots or anyother veggies too of your choice.
Thai basil- 6 leaves(I used regular basil)
coconut milk- 1 can

For curry paste:
small red chillies-13 (seeds removed,soaked in water)
shallot-3 tbsp (chopped)
garlic- 4tbsp(chopped)
galangal-1tbsp(thai ginger,chopped)
lemon grass-2 tbsp (I did not get it, so I didn't use it)
kaffir lime rind-2 tsp (I used fresh lime peel)
corriander root- 1 tbsp (I used stems the closest part)
white peppercorns-20
corriander seeds- 1 1/2 tsp(ground,roasted)
Cumin- 1/2 tsp(ground,roasted)
shrimp paste- 1 tsp
sea salt- 1tsp

Blend all the ingredients for curry paste with 2 tsp oil and little water. The paste should be smooth and thick. Mix it evenly with coconut milk. Cut chicken into strips and flatten it a little with a hammer. This will tenderize the meat. Heat oil in a kadai and fry chicken until it is no longer pink. Add some salt. Then add all the veggies except pineapple and basil. Stir fry it. When the veggies are half done add the coconut milk mixture and bring it to a boil. Test for salt and chilli level. Add more if you want to. Finally add pineapple and basil. Mix well and serve with white rice or fried rice. Enjoy!!!

One thing before I end this post. I wanted to participate in the "click" event hosted by Bee.

Here is my contribution for the event. Please guys don't laugh. Have a nice day!!! And once again a big "Thankyou". Hugs. :))


Asha said...

Happy first year birthday to you and your blog, always a pleasure to be here K!:))
Love the chicken dish and those Eggs are ADORABLE!! Bet your son loved them! :D

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Kribha......Congrats on ur 100th post dear......And those eggs look really cute....A great entry to the click event :-)

Padma said...

Yay! congratulations on your 100th Post and we look fwd for many more from you. That thai curry looks awesome. Got drooled over thai cuisine already visiting Saju's blog and now your platter makes me want more.

Cool Idea with those boiled eggs, I am sure your son must have loved playing/eating them!

Ammu said...

Congrats on ur 100th post.,.....keep blogging more, im a regular visitor to ur blog.

TBC said...

Congrats on completing 100 posts.
Look forward to many, many more.
Your CLICK entry looks so cute!

Ammu said...

Got ur comment in my blog, thanks for visiting mine.

You know I have book marked ur blog, and have tried many of ur recipes.......ofcourse they turned out to be yummy,
Keep sharing ur recipes.


Wow,Great going kribha...It really a milestone...100 POSTS!!CONGRATS...And very nice photos with egg!!Keep up your work..:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Congrats on your 100th post dear!:)) I will definitely go through all your posts even if I am late due to some reason dear! Your eggs are fabulous! I like your enthu to participate in all events! Hugs to you!!:))

USHA said...

Hi KRibha,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!Yep i knwo how itis difficult to continue blogging for such long....even sometimes i got that feeling...lets quite blogging./...but only and only thing that drives us to continue still is our few bloggers comment right?

Hey Thai curry looks awesome and delicious......Egg...chancesae illa...just a amazing creative thought you have presented..i likedc it alot....Thanks.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
First of all I wanted to "thankyou" for all the inspiration & encouragement you have given me not only in the cooking part but also to be optimistic in life. You are simply the best.
Next is, I have not yet reached my blog anniversay, just 100th post. will celebrate the anniversay in feb 2008. Your comments have always kept me going. Hope to keep continue this. About the eggs...Kavin did not like it much. I don't know why he was scared seeing it. He reluctantly touched the clove eyes alone. Thanks again Asha. Hugs.:))

Hi Sirisha,
Thanks dear. I'm glad you liked the eggs. Initially, I was so reluctant to post it as I was afraid that people might find it childish. But my little brain couldn't think any further.

Hi Padma,
Thank you so much dear. I'm sure I'll keep blogging more especially with the encouragement I get from bloggers like you. Glad you liked the thai curry and the eggs. Actually, my son got scared looking at it. He didn't want to do anything with it. So, I ended up doing egg curry for our dinner.

Kribha said...

Hi Ammu,
A warm welcome to you. Glad to know that you read my blog regularly and have tried some recipes. Thanks for all the encouragement. It is the comments from you friends that gives me the motivation to continue this. Please keep visiting.

Hi Raks,
Thanks a ton dear for your wishes. Glad that you liked the eggs. I thought it looked funny.

Hi Latha ma,
Thank you so much. It means so much to me to get a comment from such an experienced cook. Please take your own time to go thru my blog. Glad you liked the eggs. Hugs to you too. :))

Hi Usha,
Thank you sooo much dear. My son's health problems have always wanted me to stop blogging. At the sametime, blogging seems to be the only relaxation for me. The comments I get from bloggers like you makes me feel so good and I just don't want to lose it. As a blogger I know you can understand this. Glad you liked the curry and eggs. I learnt this from a garnishing book long time back. It's not my unique idea. But, thanks anyway.

lakshmi said...

congrats on 100th post - those eggs are incredibly cute :D

bee said...

dear kribha,
congrats on your 100th post, and wish you many hundreds more. love your picture for CLICK. if you have troubble resizing it, send it to me as it is. i will resize it.


Happy cook said...

Congrats 100 post that is something to celebrate.
Love the thai curry.
And the eggs are great. I loved the way you dressed them :-)

remya said...

hii kribha...congrats on ur 100th post.....lovely eggs.....cute entry dear... keep goin..ur doin agreat work...

anu said...

am not a Non-veggie fan .. but the eggs photos have come delicious ;).
And congrats on your 100th post and best of luck to continue further...

Kumudha said...


I have many recipes to try from your blog.

Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

Pravs said...

YAY !! Happy 100th Post :D !!! Isn't that something ?? I think we bloggers all, feel the same way..the addiction part :D
Thai red curry looks yummy...and those are some cute looking eggs :)

Superchef said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! the eggs lok sooooo cute :)

Sia said...

congrats kribha on hitting a centuries and wishing u many more centuries to come:) u r one of my fav and adorable bloggers. so don't even think of quitting it;)
i loooooooooooooove thai red curry and recently i tried green curry as well. have u tried it with thai jasmine rice? it tastes heavenly.
and those pics of eggs are adorable.

Lissie said...

happy anniversary, kribha! you have a very nice blog!! beautiful pictures!!!

Siri said...

Happy First anniversary dear.. many u celebrate many more with us..:D.. and the eggs look soo cute..:).. also the thai curry look delish...

priar's, said...

Hi kribha,
I really admire ur blog and ur yummy post.Keep posting good recipes .I tried many of ur recipes and hubby like ur kothu parotha and ur chicken chalna.
Ur eggs look very cute.

Kribha said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thankyou so much dear. You know what...I'm going on confusing latha ma and you. Please give me a solution to differentiate both of you. :))

Hi Bee,
Thanks dear. I'll try resizing it today. If I fail, I will send the pic as it is. Thanks for offering to do it.

Hi HC,
I'm glad that you liked the eggs and curry. I'm so suprised that people are appreciating me instead of laughing.Anyway, I like it.

Hi Remya,
Thanks a ton dear. It's the encouragement I get from you guys that keeps me going. So, I owe it all to you guys.

Hi Anu,
Are you a vegan? I did not know it earlier. Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment and wishes.

Hi Kumudha,
Thanks dear. Glad that you have bookmarked some recipes. Do give them a try and update me about how it turned out.

Hi Pravs,
Thanks dear. Sure, this blogging is so addictive. I try not think about it for a few hours atleast. But I always fail. Anyway, dosen't it feel good to keep doing this?

Hi Superchef,
Thanks for your wishes. Glad you liked the eggs.

Kribha said...

Hi Sia,
Thanks dear for your wishes and lovely comment. Also, Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. So, have you posted the green curry already? I would like to try it. Please let me know where to locate it. And, how does the jasmine rice taste? Does it have a scented smell? I've seen this in stores but I was afraid that it would smell like scent.Please clarify.

Hi Lissie,
A warm welcome to you. Glad you liked my blog. Please come back for more.

Hi Siri,
Thanks for your wishes and nice comment. Happy to know that you liked the curry and eggs. Hugs.:))

Hi Priar,
You are such a sweetheart. Thanks dear for your wishes and lovely comment. I'm happy that your hubby liked parotta and chalna. A special thanks to him. Have a nice day. Sending you a virtual hug:))

Chandrika said...

Congratulations Kribha! The eggs look so damn cute!! :-)

veenaguns said...

ur eggs are really creative and superb!!!!!!!

Kribha said...

Hi Chandrika,
Thanks dear. I'm so glad that u liked the eggs too.

Hi veenaguns,
Warm welcome to you dear. Glad that u liked the eggs.

Laavanya said...

Kribha, please.. your eggs are absolutely adorable and cute... and definitely waaaay better than mine! I promise.

Inji Pennu said...

Wow! your 100th post. Really? Oh you have grown up....I remember a timid shy girl who was scared her husband would tease her for writing blogs, esp the boiled eggs part...and there you have the post with boiled eggs :) :)

Kribha said...

Hi Laavanya, think so? Are you trying to make me feel better? Anyway, Thanks dear.

Hi Inji,
what a strange co-incidence? Even I never thought of it. What you said is so much true. My hubby did make fun of me that I'm going to post boiled eggs some day. And, that became true. That too on my 100th post. Ha Ha Ha.:))
I also wanted to say 'thanks' to you for being such an inspiration to me.Hugs.

Sharmi said...

very cute looking eggs:) very creative! congrats on the 100th post! wish you many more.

Mocha said...

Congrats on ur 100th post. The chicken are cute.

Kribha said...

Hi Sharmi and Mocha,
Sorry dears for my late reply. Kinda busy for the past 5 days. Couldn't stay with my lappy for more than 5 mins.
Anyway, Thanks for your kind wishes. Your cooments are the energy boosters for me. I'm glad that you liked the eggs.Initially, I thought people would joke at me. But you guys have always been kind. Take care and have a nice day.:))

Kribha said...

Sorry....comments not cooments.

Bharathy said...

Oh my my!!How did I ever miss this my dear girl??

Belated congrats on your hundredth post!!:)

...and for one more..I am not late here...For being in among the best 10 in 2 categories for the click event!! creative eggs!!

Kribha said...

Hi Bharathy,
Thank you so much dear. It means so much to me. About the 'click' event. Really, I was so surprised that people liked it. Looking at the other entries I felt mine was silly. Anyway, I was so happy about the results.Thanks again dear.

rv said...

Hey dear :) Those eggs look sooo cute , iam sure ur son must have liked those a lot, did he make them? By the way a belated Congrats on completing your 100th post:) , as you said ,yes blogging is got me addicted too:) if iam not blogging, iam just window shopping (i should say window drooling i guess;) ) other blogs like yours hehe.....glad to be back! and thanks a lot for writing back!

Kribha said...

Hi RV,
Thankyou so much dear for your wishes. Glad that you liked the eggs. Actually, my son didn't like them. Infact he was scared of it. Donno why. Anyway, happy that it looked good to you.