Friday, January 11, 2008

Breaking the Break with a Cake

Well...I'll start with an apology for disappearing out the blogsphere without any notice. Initially it was my son and the holidays that kept me busy. After awhile, I kind of became a little lazy to blog. Also, like most of the people I chose the "weight loss" as my New Year Resolution. So all my favorite and comfort foods are off-limits for now. That's why I didn't check any of your blogs either for the fear of facing temptation. I'm so sorry that and I promise to check all of your posts soon.

Although this was a long break, I have accomplished a few things with Kavin. He has started eating normal foods without pureeing. In just 2 weeks his diet has changed completely. He now eats a wide variety of food and I have become tension free. I consider this as my "8th World Wonder" as I have been thinking when that "time" would come for Kavin to stop gagging on foods and eat normally. I also feel that ever since I posted the info about
Kawasaki disease many people had been sending their prayers and blessings for Kavin and that seems to have changed him sooooo much. I have no words to express my THANKS to each and every one of you for all your support.

Coming to the cooking part, I have been doing it everyday but rarely took pictures of it. Anyway, here is my first cake that I baked for "B" for his b'day. He is not a big fan of frostings. So I chose this pineapple upside-down cake and I followed the recipe from my Southeren Living Cookbook. The cake turned out really good and we enjoyed every single bite of it. It tasted exceptionally good with some ice cream on the side. For a amature baker like me this recipe turned out to be a great success. I hope you try it too if you haven't baked this cake before.

Butter or margarine- 1/2 cup
Brown sugar - 1 cup (firmly packed)
pineapple slices - 3 (8 1/4 oz) cans undrained
Pecan halves- 10 ( I did not use it as I didn't have it)
maraschino cherries- 11 (cut into halves) (use more like me if you want to)
large eggs - 2 (seperated)
egg yolk- 1
sugar- 1 cup
All-purpose flour - 1 cup
baking powder- 1 tsp
ground cinnamon- 1/2 tsp
salt- 1/4 tsp
vanilla extract- 1 tsp
cream of tartar- 1/4 tsp

This recipe calls for using a cast-iron skillet. But I had only cake pans so I went ahead and used it. First you melt the butter in microwave and pour it in the cake pan. Spread it evenly. Then sprinkle brown sugar and press it to the bottom.
Drain Pineapple, reserving 1/4 cup juice. Set juice aside. Arrange pineapple slices in the pan as desired. You can keep it whole or cut it up. Place a cherry half in the center of each pineapple rounds. Other than that you can arrange cherries as you like.
Beat 3 egg yolks at high speed with an electric mixeruntil thick and pale. Gradually add sugar and beat well. Combine flour and the next 3 ingredients. Stir well. Add to egg mixture alternately with reserved 1/4 cup pineapple juice. Stir in vanilla.

Beat egg whites and cream of tartar at high speed until stiff peaks form. Fold beaten egg whites into batter. Spoon batter evenly over pineapple in the cake pans. Bake at 350 deg for 45 to 50 mins or until the cake is set. You can tell that the cake is done when you see that the toothpick you insert in the center of the cake comes out clean.

Rest the cake for 10 mins and then invert it. Pour any remaining glaze on the top of the cake. Cut it into wedges and enjoy it while it is still warm with some cold vanilla ice-cream.
I hope not to take a break anymore. But I'm going to limit my blogging hours as I don't want to sit in my couch all the time. I'll visit all of your blogs in the weekend and make up for the lost time. Take care guys and have a great weekend.


Asha said...

You don't owe anybody any apology!!
Hi Kribha, so good to see you back though. Beautufl cake , I have never tried this dessert before, will try.
How are you? Wish you the best of health to Kavin, I am sure he will be alright.
I have new rules now, I will not be surfing any blogs except occasionally to say hello in few blogs, from today. I will post as usual but with comments section closed. Got to have some time for myself!:)
See you, keep in touch and take care.

remya said...

nice to hear that kevin is doin gud...may god bless him...cake looks fab!!!! i too made...loved this upside down than frosted cakes....

vimmi said...

Has been ages since i made pineapple upside down cake. it looks yummy. sould make one soon

TBC said...

Hey Kribha,
It's nice to see u blog again.:-)
I am glad that Kavin is doing well now.
Best wishes to the three of you for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2008!:-)

Dhivya said...

what a comeback! Am glad to note everything is going great guns at ur end...and needless to say, the cake luks absolute delish and so posh

Happy cook said...

It is such a great news to hear that Kavin is doing really good.
And what a nice way to break the break :-)
Love the upside down cake.
I know what you mean. With all the parties in december i have gained too.
Why is it always so easy to gain and realy really hard to loose them :-(((

Rina said...

Kribha, Welcome back!!! Happy new your to you. Absolutely love Pineapple upside down cake. This is my fav fruit. Will surely try this cake. Looks gr8. Kevin is a christian name. Are you?

Kalai said...

So glad to hear that Kavin is doing well, Kribha. It's been a very long time since I've made pineapple upside down cake, but I do love it. Now, I have a new version to try! :)

Happy New Year and it's great to see you back!

Jeena said...

Hi there Kribha I'm happy to hear all things are well for you and your family. :) You said you didn't want to be tempted by other blogs but you are tempting me by this delicious cake. :-) It looks lovely.

Rajitha said...

wow! and you baked that for the first time..just looks fab!..glad to know that kavin is able to eat non-pureed foods and is doing great...take care and blog when you can :)

DEEPA said...

Hey Kribha , First of all wish you a happy new year and wish your son best health in years to come....You dont have to be sorry lady ....Nice to see your upside down cake ..Looks awesome ...

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Good to hear that Kavin is better now!!! The cake looks gorgeous...

indosungod said...

Kribha,Welcome back! Nice to hear Kavin is doing good. Hey for a amateur baker your cake seems pretty professional to me :) Would love a bit.

Seema said...

Hey Kribha - Nice to see u back.. Why apology & all - We all have our time offs.. I have not posted anything since this yr began.. just too busy, My dad visiting, kids back in school, lifes crazy currently!! So take it easy!

About Kavin's eating habits - Well, my little one took life out of me from 18 - 24 months, pretty much we lived on air & water..shes so health concious i can say ! ( Whens theres no fat to burn in her body!!)Then she slowly changed - the D-day Dawned on her! Now shes ok, not a good eater, but better than before.. i know how satisfied u feel once they eat.. i went through that phase too! ( Glad to be out of it though!!)
I love Pineapple upside down cake.. never tried it! Will try soon..Your tempting me:-)

Laavanya said...

Welcome back Kribha. I know what you mean about gaining weight with all this blogging. Too many temptations everywhere! :) Happy New Year. Nice to know you had a good break and got Kavin used to normal food. My daughter does that sometime (esp. when I feed her) - gags because she tries to swallow w/o chewing.
I love pineapple upside down cake. Have made it once and my in-laws loved it too.

Raaga said...

Hey... I'm back here after a very long time. This is one of my father's favourites and I've made it for him often... though mine doesn't look as good as yours!

Pravs said...

It's good to know kavin is doing well.I had tried this cake when a friend baked this. Looks good to have...want to eat up all those cherries :)


Lovely looking cake and presentation is really good Kribha!
Happy new year to you and hope your wishes all come true!

Srivalli said...

wow..that looks great!..nice way to enjoy!..have fun!

Anonymous said...

hi akha...
nice to see your post again.
we are going to try this cake. happy Pongal...............

by Dhivya

Ms.K said...

it looks so yummy. I my self does not eat pineapple, I am some what allergic to it but everyone in my family loves pineapple, infact its their favorite fruit. I can not wait to try to receipe.

Happy New years to you and yours. I can not wait to check out all your other receipes

Superchef said...

heyy...thats ok... i know, u tend to become very lazy after a was the same with me...
neway, good to see you back... n loved the upside down cake!! :)

Bharathy said...

Nice to see you back Kribha!..:)
..absolutely no nedd of had given the reasons too..then y all these :)??
Nice to see Kavin back to good health..
Prayers do make wonders..:)
And here I see a pineapple upside down cake,which is perfectly baked!moist&soft inside,glossy outside with that golden brown colour :)

I am glad to see you back in my latest post comment boxes.But Don't strain urself in leaving all the missed posts in mine, dear..:)
..devote good time to your family till everything is good and perfect! :)
Have a wonderful year ahead!

Sia said...

oh!! i am so glad to know everything is fine at ur end. really thrilled to know Kavin is doing gd. plese do give him hugs on my behalf:)
dont apology kribha. our family comes first than blogging or any other thing for that matter. blog when u can and comments, dont worry abt them. i am cutting my usual bloghopping and concentrating on more better things i can think of;) so u have a wonderful time with ur family and enjoy. and by the way, cake looks wonderful.

swapna susarla said...

Hi kribha
Very happy to hear that kavin is doing good.Hope the new year will be a wonderful year for ur family.

The cake looks nice with all the cherries.i like to try new cakes.but my daughter don't like cakes at all.she will be happy in helping me when i make a cake.but when the eating time comes she won't rise her hand.:-(

Sagari said...

welcome back kriba cake looks beautifullll colors are soooooo gooddddd and tempting pics too

Cynthia said...

I am overjoyed at this good news about Kavin and like Asha said, you don't owe any one an apology. I am happy that you back, and in style with that yummy pineapple-upside down cake!

Shella said...

Hey Kribha. soooo good to have you back dearie. Give my hug to Kavin baby. I am praying for him regularly. The cake looks fantabulous. What a nice way to break the break!!!

Rama said...

Hey Kribha,It's nice to see u blog again.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Great to hear from you but a bit sad seeing your new rules. Still, I totally understand it. You definetly need some time for yourself. Also, I'm happy that you didn't close the blog for outside people and that you are welcoming any questions about your recipes. Anyway, I'll miss you sooooooo much. :-(((((

Hi Remya,
Thanks for your blessings dear. My hubby loves fruit based cakes too. But I generally prefer frosted cakes.

Hi Vimmi,
Great to see you again. This is my first effort in baking a cake from the scratch. I'm glad that you liked it.

Thank you so much for the New Year wishes and your blessings for Kavin. Hope you had a great start and I wish you the very best for this year.

Hi Dhivya,
Nice to have you back after a long time. I'm so happy that you liked the cake, Thankyou so much dear.

Hi HC,
Thanks dear. I totally agree with you. Gaining is so easy. I've started on a diet plan and excercise since new year. I'm really strugging so hard to lose it. Hope I attain my goal soon.

Hi Rina,
I'm so glad that you liked the cake. This is my first try. Also, my son's name is KAVIN , not kevin. Actually, I'm not a christian but I've been educated in a christian school only.

Hi Kalai,
So great to have you back. I'm sorry for my late comments. My routine is completely changed now that I hardly sit with my laptop. Anyway, Thankyou so much for your kind comments.

Kribha said...

Hi Jeena,
Thankyou so much dear. That's quite a compliment for a first time baker.

Hi Rajitha,Ramya and ISG
Thank you all for your kind words. Really appreciate it.

Hi Seema,
Thanks for your words dear. Wow...I'm so glad that you have crossed over that phase. My son has just started and I'm already excited about it. I understand your words..."the D-day Dawned on her!". I've been saying the exact words too. :-)

Hi Lavanya,
You are so right about the temptations. For a foodie like me it's even more hard. That's why I've been avoiding blogging for quite sometime. Nice to hear that you have done this cake before.
My son also dosen't chew and swallow. Some times the gags are b'coz of this but most of the time it's due to texture sensitivity.

Hi Raaga,
Very happy to have you back. Really I have missed you so much. Nice to hear that this is your dad's fav too.

Hi Pravs, Raks and Srivalli,
Thankyou all for your kind comments. I really appreciate it.

Hi Dhivya,
Thanks dear for visiting. I look forward to more of your visits.

Hi M.S.K,
A warm welcome to you. Sorry for my late acknowledgement. Please don't mistake me. Thankyou so much for your generous words. I'm so sorry that you are allergic to pineapple. I love this fruit so much but this is off-limits for now as I'm on a certain diet. Hope you give the recipe a try. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Hi Superchef,
Great to hear from you too and thankyou so much for your kind words.

Hi Bharathy,
Thankyou so much for understanding. Actually the reason for my apology is not only for my untold disappearance but also that I've been irregular in visiting other blogs and also not responding to all your comments.
Thanks for the New Year Wishes and I Wish you the very best too.

Hi Sia,
I'm so glad to have you back. So, how was your trip? I'll surely pass on your hugs to Kavin and I'm also glad that you liked my cake.

Hi Swapna,
Thankyou so much for your kind words. My son is exactly like your daughter. He is a good helper but when it come to eating what he prepared he would run away too.

Hi Sagari,
Thankyou so much dear. I'm glad that you liked it.

Kribha said...

Hi Cynthia,
Thankyou so much dear. I'm so glad that you liked my cake. This is my first time baking, so your comment really boosted up my spirits.

Hi Shella,
Thankyou so much dear not only for your prayers for Kavin also for helping me to get back to what I was. I owe you so much. Warm Hugs to you.

Hi Rama,
Nice to have you too and thanks for your comment.

meeso said...

This is one of my absolute favorite cakes! This recipe looks amazing and your pictures are so appetizing...I will be writing this down to try soon!

Kribha said...

Thanks Meeso for dropping by. It is the first cake I have ever baked. Hope you give it a try too. It tasted so good.

rv said...

Such a lovely cake you have there and did u tell its the first cake u baked?? wow I feel you shud have started baking a bit earlier , so that I could also learn making such cakes from ur blog:) Thanks for the recipe:)