Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Anniversary and time to say a lot of Thanks !!!

Hi Folks,


While the whole world is celebrating this great day , I have another reason to celebrate this day.

Yes! It's my blog's FIRST Birthday. Last year it was the same Feb 14th my blog was born. Like many of my friends I too never thought that I'll be blogging this long. Anyway, today I have reached a second milestone with 137 posts. Wondering what's my first milestone? Ofcourse it was my 100th post on October 2007.

Another great news is that I have recieved "The Nice Matters" award from my dear friend Happy cook who is the proud owner of My Kitchen Treasures. Thankyou so much HC, you made me feel so special.

So, let me start the story of how I was introduced to the blogging world. It was some time in December 2006 I came across a health-related blog . The same author had a food blog too. I liked the idea of recording the recipes and that inspired me to start a blog of my own. Unfortunately, I forgot her name. Then, after two months I had my own blog .... En Samayal Pakkam.

Initially when I started the blog I wanted it to be a personal space to record my recipes. But seeing the comments in the other blogs I was so surprised by the way people are connecting to one another and how close they become after that. This inspired me and I wanted to be a part of it.

The first indian food blog I came across was Asha's. I became a great fan of hers. It was from her I learnt to write an intro before each recipe. There were days when I used to get only one comment and that was Asha's. She has always been encouraging me with her sweet comments. So, on this day I want to give you a big hug and say THANKS for all your inspiration.

I also want to thank Deepz of "Letz Cook". She was the first one to leave a comment on my blog. I don't think she knows that but I cannot forget that day. I was soooo thrilled that I can't express it in words. Thanks Deepz, You made me so happy that day.

Next I wish to mention some of the other great bloggers who inspired me during my initial days of blogging. Sia's eye-catching pictures, Inji Pennu's style of boldly expressing her thoughts, Prema's wonderful recipes (she made me blabber about her manchurian once in my dreams), Indo Sun God's Authentic recipes, Richa's simple yet flavorful recipes..... Ah, the list goes on and on

I'm so thankful for getting friends like Happy Cook who is a soups & chaat queen, Bharathi who has a lovely collection of authentic kerala recipes, Viji of vcusine who is like a dictionary of food for me, Mansi who often tempts me to go off my diet with her awesome desserts, Jeena who inspires me with her healthy recipes, Cynthia & Bee who makes me forget to comment by getting me lost with their mind-blowing pictures and write-up, Latha ma and Lakshmi who shares their authentic Iyyengar recipes and also making a difference by reaching to the special-needs kids , Pravs who makes me drool over her non-veg dishes, Suganya of Tasty Palattes who brings out the beauty of food with her unique style of photography, Sukanya of Hot'n' Sweet bowl who makes beautiful cakes and Shella who has connected to me personally.

I also enjoy the dishes and comments of Laavanya who has a variety of yummy dishes that I'm yet to try, TBC who capitvates my heart with her unique recipes, Rajitha who makes my tummy grumble with her tempting array of dishes, Raks who gives nice step-by-step pictures to follow her dishes, Padma who creates beautiful dishes like her kesar amarkhand, Priar who makes mouth-watering tamilnadu style non-veg dishes , Ramya of Mane Adige who has introduced me to so many of her bangalore dishes, Remya of Spice n Flavors who has a variety of kerala delicacies, SMN who has great breakfast items like her different types of dosa, Seema who has simple yet comforting dishes like her appo and chicken curry , Sagari who in a short span of time has posted so many delicious dishes, meeso... more than her food, I always go to her blog to see her blush in her boyfriend's hands , Kalai who has a nice homey foods, Easy Crafts who is so talented in coming up with so many dishes that can be done in MW, Shankari who I'm so proud that she spreads our cusine through her cooking class and also does food shows in TV.....

Really guys, the list is endless. But I have to end my long list for now as I'm running short of time. At this time I cannot forget my non-blogger friends too who visit me and leave their kind comments behind. I owe it all to your encouragement . Anyway, what I wish to say is...... Each and every one of you, not only the gals mentioned above have inspired me and taught me so much. All I can say in return for that is THANKS THANKS and THANKS.

Last but not least ,I wanted to thank my hubby too who continues to encourage me (sometimes..... ) and my little kiddo Kavin who bears with me when I steal his time for blogging.

I wanted to post some nice dessert for celebrating my anniversary, but as you all know I'm in Florida for the past 10 days enjoying my vaction. So no cooking, no work, no dieting..... enjoying life to the core. Will be back to Atlanta tomorrow and resume blogging from monday. Till then take care and have a nice weekend!


easycrafts said...

Congratulations for completion of one year...wishing u many more happy blogging years

Asha said...

Thank you for being a gracious friend Kribha. We do connect with somebody without even really knowing about them. Have fun on your vacation.
Usually I don't talk about blog World to Arvind but I did tell him about Kawasaki and the first thing he told me that you should change the Paediatrician ASAP. We just felt so much for your son. Glad he is okay now!:))
Happy 1st blog year, enjoy your vacation and Valentin's day too. Hugs.

indosungod said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday for your blog. Blog has a Valentines Day birthday how nice. Wishing you many more blog years and lovely recipes.

Parrupu Thuvayal looks fantastic and so does the Sepankizhangu poriyal favorites both of them.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Congratulations......U r so sweet that u remembered so many bloggers... Enjoy ur vacation....
BTW...Ur parrupu thuvayal and sepankizhangu is looking great...nice usefull recipes...

Kalai said...

Congratulations on your blog's first birthday, Kribha! I think I've been coming to your blog for at least 6 months now and was always tempted by your recipes. I am truly touched that you mentioned me in your list of bloggers, Kribha. Considering my blog is not even 3 months old, that means so much to me!

I hope you're having a wonderful vacation and look forward to seeing you back with more wonderful recipes! :)

Happy cook said...

Congragulation Kribha.
Actually it is us who are thankfull to have a great friend like you.
Happy first Blog Anniversery.

Richa said...

wow! Kribha, u r on a spree with so many posts!!!

Congratulations on the blog anniv, sweetie! I've always enjoyed visiting here and looked forward to ur visits over at mine :) You are such a good cook and I hope to see many more yummy recipes from you!

Superchef said...

Congratulations Kribha!! Uve been soo gracious in remembering everyones names!! :) n dont forget girl, uve come a long way too..n way to go!!!!! many more blog -anniversaries to come!! :) :)

Karthika said...

Congrats Kribha. You are doing a great job out here. Not sure if I have commented on your blog earlier. I have tried several recipes of yours and they are really really good. I keep checking your blog almost every day just to see if you have posted any new recipes. With a lil kid, I can imagine how much of work it is to cook, take pics and then post the recipe along with a nice prelude. My hearty congrats to you.


Laavanya said...

Hearty Congratulations on completing 1 year of blogging Kribha and that was such a sweet write-up! You are amazing and I love your blog and your delicious recipes... have so many on my list of 'to try' :)
Looking fwd to more mouthwatering delicacies and enjoy your holiday!

Cynthia said...

Darling! You are such a treasure, we are richer for having you in the blogging world and I hope that you continue for a very very long time. It is always a pleasure to visit this delicious space you have created. Keep up the excellent work. Hugs always.

Pravs said...

Congrats kribha !!

Pravs said...

Congrats Kribha, for the acheivements through the blog world. It's such a good feeling to be connected with like minds.Looking forward to many more of your yummy recipes :)

Vcuisine said...

Congrats and you are so thoghtful Kribha. A different post altogether and a nice way to show our gratitude. Well done. Viji

Uma said...

Congrats on completing first year! Happy B'day to your blog! keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if you received my earlier inquiry. I try your recipes and am delighted. I am however stuck with certain recipes as I do not recognise the ingredients. Please give the English/Indian equivalents of Red Chori, Pattai, Sombu, Rose Mokku, Sura,Vadagam, Pottu Kadalai,
Neville Toronto

Kribha said...

Hi Neville,
Thanks for dropping by dear. I'm sorry that I didn't receive your previous comment. Anyway, here are the clarifications.

Red chori =

Pattai = Cinnamon

Sombu = Fennel seeds

Rose mokku = star anise

Sura = Shark fish

Vadagam = This is like a flavoring agent made out of red onions. Right now, I do not have the exact measurements for the ingredients. I always get mine from my home in India. But I know how it is made.
My MIL crushes small onions,garlic and curry leaves in a stone grinder. Then she adds methi seeds, mustard seeds and some turmeric. After this she makes small balls out of them and dries it in the hot sun. When it is dry, she would put the onion balls back in the onion juice left behind when making them into balls. Back again it goes to dry. This is done for about a week. By then the onion changes color. When it is all dried up, the onion balls are broken into smaller bits and stored in air-tight container.

(If you are unable to get hold of this, just fry some sliced small red onions (3), garlic(2 pods), curry leaves, Mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and some turmeric. This cannot certainly be equilant to vadagam. But it's the best alternative).

Pottu kadalai = Split channa dal

Avarakkai = Indian broad beans

I'm sorry that I have been writing the names in my native language. From my next post onwards I'll write the eqivalent english names too. Thanks for your comment and do e-mail me if you need further help.

Have a great day!

TBC said...

Hey Kribha,
Congratulations on completing a fun-filled year!
Here's wishing you many many more.:-)
You were on vacation and decided to blog?! That's the last thing I would be thinking of- my blog!
Hope u had a good time in FL.

TBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sia said...

congrats dear girl for completing a year of blogging. so u started ur blog on valentine's day? thats a lovely gift for all us bloggers:)
its been my pleasure to know u through ur blog. ur kindness and sweetness reach us through ur blog. keep up the good work:) we treasure ur friendship and ur blog:)
love and hugs to u.


congrats on ur blog anniv...hope u celebrate many more anniv's like this by comming out with ur nice and caring dishes......u r a sweet girl .....happy blogging

Dhivya said...

congrats on ur blog anniversary kribha....Enjoy ur vacation....

rv said...

hey dear sorry for belated wishes on first anniversary of your blog !

Sagari said...

when I saw the heading of the post first aniversary I tought 14 is your wedding day hmmmmmm

congrats on completing a year kibra , felt happy by seeing my name ,thanks.

Rama said...

Congratulations for completion of one year....Here's wishing you many many more....

Sagari said...

U have a surprice in my blog kriba check it out


Hello kribha! How are you and congrats on your 1 year of completion in blogging! thats really a milestone and I have gone through all of your posts thro your archives! Every thing was really nice and your innocent way of writing do attracts many of the peoples,including me to visit regularly! I wish that yyou celebrate every year like this with so many posts in your blog :))

meeso said...

:D What a sweet post, and I was so surprised to see myself mentioned...and what a cute mention ;)

Pravs said...

i have something for you in blog .. check it out :)

Shella said...

One year of great blogging.....thank you so much for mentioning me....I love you n missed you a lot during your absence...hugs to you, remember I am always there.....virtually though it be..

remya said...

wow!!! happy blog annivary!!! really a milestone....nice writeup...its soo nice of u to rember sooo many bloggers like me....ur recipes are simple n elegant... i have tried some of urs....keep rocking...takecare

DEEPA said...

Congrats Kribha ...Happy Blog Annvi!!!Many more to come from your side ...Enjoy your vacation !!!See you soon

Jeena said...

Hi Kribha thank you so much I am happy that you like my recipes. I love your recipes too they taste great I loved the pea curry. :-)

Kribha said...

I apologise to everybody for my late acknowledgement of your lovely comments

Hi EC,
Thankyou so much for the wishes.

Hi Asha,
Thankyou so much for your wishes. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you to share everything.

Hi ISG and Sukanya,
Thankyou so much for the wishes. Glad you liked the thuvayal. Do give it a try sometime. It's really easy and good.

Hi Kalai,
You don't have to thank me at all. I really liked your blog and it is so nice to be in touch with you. Take care and thanks for the wishes.

Hi HC,
Thanks a ton dear. The great thing about blogging is that I have got to know nice people like you.

Hi Richa,
That's such a sweet comment. Warm hugs to you too. Thankyou so much for the wishes.

Hi Super-chef,
Thankyou so much dear. Actually you know what ,I donno how I missed your name in my post. I had you on my list but missed to type it. Really really sorry about that.

Hi Karthika,
Thankyou so much for stopping by. I was so happy to see that you have tried many of my recipes and that it was good. It was really so sweet of you to give me the feedback. Also, thanks again for your wishes and your lovely comment.

Hi Cynthia,
Thanks a bunch. I always look forward to your comments. Even if it is a single word I just love it. Thanks again dear for the wishes.

DK said...

OMG! Thats one big list! Its gracious of you to give out each one of their names and the role they played in your part of the world. Congrats on the award and on one year of blogging!

Now start blogging again! Dont u want to have an award for second year too ;-) Come back soon :)

Seema said...

Hey Kribha.. That was an amazing write up.. you r so sweet to think of all of us & thoughtfully put it down in words! That must have taken up quite a bit of Kevins time :-)
Congrats on the Blogs First Anni! Way to go. Wishing the blog many more happy Annis as always :-)Congrats on an well deserved award too. You are truely a sweet person.
Just back from my 10 day vacation & saw all the amazing dishes you have cooked up.... I have to catch up reading it all.

Pragyan said...

Hi Kribha: Sounds repititive. Please do accept the "Nice Matters" award from me as a token of appreciation for your kind and inspiring words. Thanks, Pragyan

Shankari said...

Congrats Kribha! Hats off for completing a year and that too blogging succesfully with a lil one at home. I was honored to be remembered by you.

Kribha said...

I apologise for my late acknowlegdement of your lovely comments

Hi pravs, Vcuisine, Uma, TBC, Sia, Shanti Banu, Dhivya, RV, Sagari, Rama, Raji, Meeso, Pravs, Shella, Remya, Deepa and Jeena,

Thank You all for your sweet wishes. I'm so happy to have made friends like you who give me all the encouragement and inspiration. Thankyou all again.

Sagari and Pravs ,
A special THANKS to both of you for passing me the beautiful awards. I really feel so honoured. It was really so sweet of you to have me in your mind. Thanks again.

Kribha said...

Hi DK,
I really laughed after reading your comment. It's true, I have to start blogging soon to get an award next year too. Thankyou girl for your sweet comment and the wishes.

Hi seema,
Thankyou so much for the wishes. Glad to have you back from the vacation. Will be checking your posts soon.

Hi Pragyan,
getting an award is a great feeling. Dosen't matter how many times you get it. I really feel so happy and honoured that you remembered me. Will proudly wear it on my blog soon.

Hi Shankari,
Thankyou so much dear. I'm happy to have a great friend like you.

Vidhya Sundar said...

First of all congrats for ur blog anniversary .... Feel really happy for u and what a touching write up.Iam Glad that u like my recipes and U know i really admire ur blog, the way u write and ur wonderful recipes. I have tried a few of yours,have bookmarked lot of ur recipes and today iam going to try ur paruppu thuvaiyal....
Way to go girl!!!! love you...

lalitha said...

hi kriba,
u r a great inspiration for me to cook.I have tried many of urs and everything came out very well.Iam just blogging it for the past 3 weeks.Both my husband and my 5 yr old daughter are poor eaters,but even they too eat a little more. So iam very happy and Im really thankful to u dear,the way u present is too good and i dont even know u but i feel like writing an email to a close friend.
thanks kribha.