Monday, March 12, 2007

Radish Poriyal

onion- 3 tbsp(chopped)
red chilli-1
moong dal- 1 tbsp
coconut- 1 1/2 tbsp(grated)
Heat oil in kadai and fry mustard seeds,urad dal,channa dal and red chilli. Then add onions,moong dal and turmeric. Now add radish ,salt and little water. When radish is almost cooked, remove lid from pan and allow all the water to evaporate. When dry add coconut and corriander leaves.


Anonymous said...

why do you post recioes like this!!"?//

Kribha said...

Hi anonymous,
I'm sorry that this dish did not appeal to you. But, you see taste differs from one person to the other. I liked this and so did my hubby. I posted this thinking that someone else might like it too. If you don't like this, please skip it and try something else or give me some suggestions on what type of recipes I should post.Anyway, thanks for visiting and dropping a few words. Please feel free to give any suggestions if you have any.

Anonymous said...

Hi this was really nice and tasty.. I was looking for a radish recipe other than sambar and found this... This was nice to have with kaarakuzhambu...

Anonymous said...

This is an Awesome recipe. I always make this when i do radish...although I do it with Daikon. Somehow i found daikon softer and a wee bit sweeter than radish.

Shanthi said...

Hi Kribha,

I tried out this dish and it came out really tasty and went so well with rasam saatham. Thanks for it.


Anonymous said...

hi Kribha,
thanks for the recipe.i was looking for a mulangi poriyal and found this. yet to try it. just wanted to know if the onions need to be cooked before adding moong more thing do you have to soak the moong dal.could you mention these things.

Kribha said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you so much for trying the recipe and giving a feedback.Glad that u enjoyed with kaarakuzhambu. I've tried that combination too and I just love it.

Hi Charu,
Thanks for kind comment. I have never tried this recipe with daikon. Thanks for the idea. will try it soon.

Hi Shanthi,
Thanks for trying the recipe and giving me a feedback. Really appreciate it. Next time try this dish with some spicy curries like puli kuzhabu or vatha kuzhambu. I'm sure you will love it.

Hi Anonymous,
Glad that you liked the recipe. Regarding your questions...

1) Yes...You need to cook the onions first before adding moong dal.

2) I did not soak moong dal when I tried this recipe because I liked the dal little crunchy.But this is purely your wish. You can soak the moong dal for 20 to 30 mins to become soft. But remember to add it after the radish is almost cooked.

Ever since I used soaked moong dal I liked it better than the original one.

So, Good luck and let me know how it turned out.