Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sprouts Salad, Dates Milkshake & Ginger Tea

I have become tired of making the excuses again and again that I'm busy and that my kid is sick and all that. What to do? That's what is going on and on like a cycle. Anyway, I just wanted to be a part of a few events going around in the blogsphere. So, please bear with me gals for posting everything just like that without organizing it.

Our fellow blogger "Easy Crafts" who owns a great blog "Simple Indian Cooking" has launced a new event called "Powerless cooking". I glad that came up with this, as I have also wondered what would happen if there is a total power shutdown for a few days and what we would be cooking during those times. Anyway, my contribution to this event is Mungbean sprouts salad. Nothing fancy just simple and easy to make.

I wish to send the same to "Vegan Ventures" hosted by Suganya of
Tasty Palettes. I'm not that familiar with this vegan cooking yet, so here goes my entry.

Sprouts Salad:

Green moong dal- 1 cup (sprouted)
carrot- grated
green chillies- 1 1 /2 (minced)
red onions- 1 tbsp (fine pieces)
corriander leaves- 2 tbsp
peanuts- 1 tbsp (broken)
salt- as reqd
lemon juice- 1 tbsp

The other ingredients you can add to this are: Finely chopped boiled potatoes, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, yogurt, corriander-mint chutney, sweet tamarind sauce. Keep your mind open and try out anything else listed above.

Soak mung beans overnight. Drain the water and keep it wrapped in a wet towel. Then close it with a vessel and leave it aside for one full day. The next day the mung beans would sprout beautifully. I do not like to eat it raw, so I partially steam it. You can skip this step if you want to. Anyhow, this is the way I make it.

I add steamed sprouts to the rest of the ingredients and mix well. You can add yogurt too but I'm skipping that as I going to send the same to the 'Vegan' event too.

Date's Milk Shake:

I'm going to send this to Chandrika of
Akshyapatra who is hosting AFAM: Dates. Milkshakes are always my favorite especially this one which my mom used to prepare during my school and college days. I would devour this in a flash b'coz my mom would say that helps in hair growth due to the iron content in it. But I don't think it helped me at all. You should see my head now (almost bald). Anyway, the taste is really good. Try it for yourself and you'll see.

Chopped Dates- 1 cup
sugar- as per taste
chopped pistachios- 2 tbsp
milk- 3 cups

Boil milk and after sometime bring to a simmer, add dates and cook till soft (5 to 8 mins) in a low flame. Cool this and reserve a few tbsp of pulp aside. Blend the rest with milk and sugar. You can make it thinner or thicker depending upon the amount of milk you use. Finally mix in the pulp and nuts. Give a good stir and serve it chilled .

Finally, it is GINGER TEA:

This is for the the "Think spice... Think... Ginger" event hosted by Sunita of
Sunita's World. Initially, I was wondering if this would be apt to send it for the event but, after seeing the same at Nags's blog I decided to post the same . So, here is a refreshing cup of ginger tea with some Banana bread.

Milk- 1 cup
taj mahal tea leaves- 1 1/4 tsp
water- 1/4 cup
ginger- 1 1/2 " (grated)
cardamom- 1 (broken)
sugar- as reqd

Boil water with tea leaves. cardamom and ginger for 5 minutes. Then add milk and bring it to another boil. Add required sugar and mix well. Filter this and serve this steaming cup of hot ginger tea for a refreshing morning.

(This is B's fav cup ,but this is the quantity he drinks. So, I couldn't get a good pic at all. Sorry guys, bear with me.)


Rina said...

Kribha, I think I will love that dates milk shake. And ginger tea is my fav, every single day.

indosungod said...

The Salad looks perfect. I am not fond of sprouts but cooked moong might work for me. Date Milk shake with ginger. yum!

Asha said...

Gret entries, I love the moong salad!:)

USHA said...

Hi Kribha,
All the recipes looks amazing.Ginger tea looks very refreshing....dates milk shake looks very delicious...

Rajitha said...

kribha - loved all the three dishes..i can't eat raw moong too..i just stir-fry for a couple of min..and the milkshake looks soo yum :)

Raks said...

I like all the three ...very simple and tasty too!!

Sagari said...

hi kribha thanks for stopping at my blog and your dates milk shake lookssss soooooooooo yummyy and lovely sprouts salad

Mansi said...

Kribha, all of them are regulars in our home! ginger tea every morning and evening, and the date milk shake is just very inviting!

Finla said...

Lovely entries.
I can start with the shaken then the salde and end with the delicious looking cup of tea

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Kribha I never thought to steam sprouts, I make them for my hubby but I am like you I don't really eat them raw thanks for the tip next time I will steam them for a salad. They are so healthy great post. Also you milk drink looks and sound so yummy with pistachio nuts too YUM! And your ginger tea looks great I bet it was delicious, half a cup looks fine greta pitcure! :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Kribha I'm glad you liked my soup recipe, it is like our house hold dish at the moment we always eat it. Sometimes we don't have leeks in either and it tastes just as good without as with them. Also I use this soup as a base for many other dishes which I will be posting soon. :) Thanks for giving it a go it makes me smile that your boy enjoyed it, it tastes so sweet that they would never guess the health benefits would they. :D

Prema Sundar said...

salad looks nice.. Iamm planning for a salad too Kribha. dates shake and ginger tea are equally good too.
Nice and clever 3 in 1 post .

Seema said...

Great entries Kribha!! Sprout salad, i make it too.Date Milkshake - something new.. must try! Ginger tea- AAh!! Masala chai in the evening.. my favourite one!!

Kumudha said...

Moong salad looks so delicious!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Kribha, Your dates milk shake looks yummy!!!! Loved the idea.... Thanx for sharing

Cynthia said...

Hey sweetie, that is how life goes sometimes huh...

I think I'd love the shake as well.

Latha Narasimhan said...

How did I miss this post for so long!So many nice recipes! Will go through them now dear! you have been tagged! :)

Bharathy said...

Upto healthy food cooking spree, Kribha?...they are lovely, absolutely!!..
Lately I think you more and more, Kribha and since you posted that fabulous Diwali post I have been wondering (till this second)how you mangae to do all these, single handed in a foreign country and attend gym classes too..God I would be exhausted if I try half of it!!:D..

Kribha said...

Hi All,
Thank you so much for your precious comments. Glad that you all liked it. I know that ginger tea must be a regular item in most of the households,that's why I didn't post it seperately. Once again thanks for dropping by.

Hi Lathama,
I see that you have tagged me . Will surely do it soon.

Hi Bharathy,
Thankyou so much for thinking a lot about me. I guess that's the reason for my frequent hiccups:-) Actually, you got me wrong dear. I don't go to gym. I took Kavin to his gym classes. Also, healthy eating and me are far off. I'm a chocolate, ice-cream and fatty food lover. Now you must have got a real picture of me.

Laavanya said...

I'm sorry I missed this post of yours.. The sprouts salad looks really yummy and healthy. Dates shake is so tempting.. i normally add banana too. Ginger tea is my absolute favorite.. i have it everyday but not little like your hubby.. but that cup filled to the brim! :)

remya said...

soo healthy array of dishes kribha...i too made dates milkshake ,but a slight variation .love that salad...

Bharathy said...

I have yet to read your new to say that you should surely enter Ginger tea for Sunitas event.Even my sister had given the same and Sunita had been so sweet to comment.."After all a recipe need not be always complicated"..and welcomed whole heartedly..YOU SHOULD SEND GINGER TEA :)
She is sooo sweet to visit my place soo prompt and this time I wantedto contribute sooo badly..:)..just bcoz my camera let me down,I crossed the deadline..

Kribha said...

Hi Laavanaya,
Thanks dear for stopping by. Adding banana sounds intresting. Never tried it before. Will do it next time.Thanks again for the tip.

Hi Remya,
Same pinch for dated milk shake. I did visit your blog and see yours. Very nice recipe. It's bookmarked to try soon.

Hi Bharathy,
You are so kind. I'll surely send the tea for you sake. Actually, I did talk to Nags before posting it. She only gave me the courage to post it. Then I realized the cup is not even full and the pic is not good. That's why I didn't send it to sunita. Anyway, I'll do it now. Hope she accepts it. :-)

Tototo said...


Powerless cooking ,a good and new concept.Your sprouts salad looks healthy nad must be tasty too.

Ginger tea - my family always wants some kind of masala tea.will try it.

Guide to Indian Recipes

Kribha said...

Hi Toto,
A warm welcome to you. Thankyou so much for your sweet comment. 'm so glad that you liked it. Please keep visiting.

Archana Doshi said...

Kribha, the salad would be a perfect recipe for the ONE DISH MEAL event I am hosting. Would love for you to send this recipe or any other. The details of the event are at my site.