Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Idiyappam with coconut milk

It's just 20 mins left for the "Click" event hosted by Bee to be over and I'm beginning this post wondering if I would make it. So what did I chose for the event??? Rice Noodles (or) Idiyappam.

Here , I have made only a basic version of the Idiyappam. With this you can do so many things like lemon Idiyappam, Milagu Idiyappam, Curd Idiyappam or the popular one -paired with milk,cardamom and shredded coconut. It can also be served with mutton Paaya , veg kurma or stew.

My hubby helped me a lot on this.(ok ok...he did it. This is what he wants me to type) .Yesterday we did the same and I took pics. But nothing turned good. Today Mr. Perfect did it and here it is for all of you to see.

So, here is how I made it.
Rice flour- 1 cup
Hot water- as needed
salt- a pinch
oil- 1 tsp

Heat water in a pan with some oil. Bring it to a rolling boil. Add some salt to the flour and mix well. Now add water little by little and keep kneading it until it forms a soft dough.
Then grease the inside of the Idiyappam maker or aachu with little bit of oil. Shape the dough into a little log and put it inside the aachu and press it. Steam this in idlli pan for 5 to 7 mins.
Serve it with the accompaniant of your choice. I kept mine simple. Just coconut milk, sugar ,shredded coconut cardamom and loads of love. This is the way "B" likes it, so I did it to cool him off.
PHEW!!! I made it atlast. This is my fastest posting so far.

Before I go, I have to do one more thing. Thank you guys for all those who voted for me in the last 'click' event and also to the Judges who chose me. I wanted to mention this long back but didn't do it so long. I was so happy to see that so many of you have encouraged me and helped me gain a place in the top 10. Once again.....a big THANKS!!!



great entry with rice noodles kribha..authentic dish..!!

Hope kavin is doing gud now...

Ajay fell sick now...still busy with him only:-(

easycrafts said...

Although it is a time consuming job, the final results are great

Kalva said...

WOW cool. never made Idiyappam.. It looks temptong though!!

Happy cook said...

I knew some one was going to send idiyappom for clicks.
I never make them as i don't that the presser. I loved them when i was staying home. Especialy with curry.
My elder sister liked it with coconut milk and i liked it with curry.

Sia said...

first pic is simply gorgeous....

indosungod said...

Kribha, sandhavai as we call it looks lovely. The picture looks great too. With coconut milk yum.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely entry, dear kribha.

Rina said...

Kribha, that is cool. Love those snow like idiyapam. Go well with coconut milk and any spicy gravies.Never made them at home. Should include from now on.

Seema said...

Kribha - Yum yum..Its breakfast time for me & your tempting with with lovely Idiappams - My favourite... Can i stop by??

Seema said...

OOps!! Forgot All the best for Click event & hope u win :-)

Laavanya said...

You make it sound so easy.. I've not made idiyaapam by myself.. always thought it was too much of a process and mainly because my husband's not a big fan. So, i just get frozen or the dried varieties. I feel like trying now... Looks so yummy and soft.

Asha said...

Excellent entry Kribha, I make Idiyappam at home but never thought of it for this event!:))

sagari said...

kridha iddyapam looksss soooo good yummy yummy breakfast accompained with mild veggi korma yummmmmmmmmmmm

Mocha said...

your pic so good. I love idiappam. But rarely make it.

Rajitha said...

kribha..looks awesome!! this is inspiring me to make it at home....

Richa said...

they look so soft n delicious, kribha! so when will i get to taste this made by you? :)
so what are the menu plans for the long wknd :)
have a fun thanks giving!

Julie said...

That looks so tasty! There isn't a single ingredient there I don't love or that I haven't used extensively, but I've never seen a dish like this. I wish I had a Idiyappam maker!

TBC said...

Idiyappam looks very nice. I like to have it with kadala curry :-)

Prema Sundar said...

nevertried making idiyappam at home. ur method looks easy and i will surely try it sometime. noted the recipe and thanks a lot.

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

idiyappam are one of our fav breakfast items, esp in kerala..missing it a lot, now....and my, better late than never, it was one large spread that u came up for diwali, lovely...and the kitchen disaster, you wud have really gone topsy turvey with all the mess !!

Shella said...

This is a great entry Kribha. I really love idiappam. I love them with egg curry or kadla curry. Milk n sugar is also good!! Makes me salivate

Jeena said...

Hi Kribha I love this recipe, I have never tried it before but I bet it would be delicious it sure does look and sound fantastic! Nice pictures, isn't it always the way with our men..... sometimes when my hubby makes me a curry I feel like letting him do it everytime because it turns out so good. :D

Roopa said...

looks delicious i love idiyapam :)

Nags said...

looks lovely and makes me homesick. I havent had idiyappam in such a long time!

Pravs said...

This will be my fav breakfast, if i can have it every day :) Nice pics.

Cynthia said...

Talk about living on the edge! Nice entry :)

SMN said...

Hey loved the pics.. amazing.. infaact loved ur instrument.. hey for deewali i did the dsame and blogged also.. v call it shavige.

VegeYum @ A Life (Time) of Cookin said...

These look so delicious. I wonder if they are similar to stringhoppers? I love stringhoppers so I am sure I would like these.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Kribha dear, I feel so motivated when I read your recipes! With a small kid you have patience to cook such lovely dishes! :) I really admire you! You have tempted to make these sevai now!
Ready made rice sevai is available here and very good quality too! But nothing to match home made ones. In my home I have to prepare atleast 4 varieties and I sometimes feel lazy to cook this. But now after seeing you I have decided to drive away my laziness and prepare this!

Nags said...

please post ur ginger tea and let me know. i wud love to take a look. i am sure sunita wud be happy to have two ginger teas in her event :)

no worries!!

Kribha said...

Hi Raks,
Oh dear, so sorry to hear about Ajay. Hope he recovers soon. Thanks for dropping by even if you didn't have time.

Hi Easycrafts,
True dear. The end results were really good. Actually, doing the idiyappam was not tough, photographing it was the difiicult part. The first day I was shooting all the pics and my hubby kept on shaking his hands while pressing the aachu. The next day we switched roles and it worked out better.:-)

Hi Kalva,
This is so easy and it's just the base to create many flavorful dishes. Do try it sometime.

Hi HC,
Phew! That's a long story behind the aachu. Actually, it's not mine. The aachu I had got the star plate stuck to it. Couldn't take it out whatsoever. So, I borrowerd it from my friend and had to do it. From the time, the click theme was announced I pictured this in my mind. So, I didn't try to do anything else.

Hi Sia,
Glad you liked the pic. Last time I had no expectations when I entered the event.But this time I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Let's see.

Hi Indo,
Thanks dear. Glad you liked it. My hubby loves it with coconut milk. But I like it with some spicy curry.

Hi Click,
Thanks for hosting this event. It's been a pleasure and hope I win some place in it.

Hi Rina,
Thanks dear. Idiyappams are so easy to make. Nothing can be compared to the freshly prepared ones.

Hi Seema,
Thanks dear. Oh...come on, anytime for you. Just drop in when you wish. I'll be so glad to do it for you. Also, 'thanks' for the wishes. Hope to get some place in the click event.

Hi Laavanya,
believe me. It's super easy. The only trick is to get the rice flour made into a super soft dough. That's all it takes to get fresh, soft idiyappams. In my house, it reverse. My hubby loves it and I would eat it but not a huge fan of it.That's b'coz he prefers to eat it sweet with coconut milk and I like spicy gravies to accompany this.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks dear. The moment the event was announced I got this in my mind. Hope to get a place in it. Also, good luck to you too!

Hi Sagari,
Thankyou so much dear. I like it too with a kurma. But I didn't find time to do it as I had to post it before the event came to an end.

Hi Mocha and Rajitha,
Thank you dears for stopping by. Glad that you liked them. It's a super-easy dish. Once you try it ,you will agree with me. So, give it a chance.

Hi Richa,
Actually, if you see the pics it was taken in two different days. The first time my hubby did it from start to finish. The second one was done by me and the photography alone was my hubby's contribution. Hope you liked it.
We had a fun Thanksgiving as our friend had us over. :-)

Hi Julie,
Glad you liked it dear. Actually my idiyappam maker had some problem. I had to borrow this from my friend for the event.

kadala curry must be an excellent combo. I've not tried it but will do it next time. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Prema,
For a pro like you this is nothing. Do try it at home and you will start liking it.

Hi Kitchen Scientist,
Glad you dropped by. Thanks for your generous words. I was so happy to read that you liked everything.

Hi Shella,
I'm so happy that you liked it. never tried it with egg curry. will do it soon.

Hi Jeena,
Thanks for those generous words. It's 100% true that we get used to hubby cooking certain dishes 'coz it turns out great always. I totally agree with you.

Hi Roopa, Nags, Pravs and Cynthia,
Thankyou all so much for stopping by and writing your thoughts. Glad that you all liked it.

Kribha said...

I remember seeing it in your blog too. Isin't it such a nice dish? One more thing. The aachu is not mine. I had to borrow it from my friend as mine was stuck and I couldn't take it out at all. Anyway, glad you liked it.

Hi Vegeyum,
So glad to have you here. Glad that you liked the idiyappam. BTW, I haven't heard about stringhoppers. will check out soon. Thanks for letting me know about this dish.

Hi Latha ma,
Mothira kaiyala kuttu vangina mathiri irunthuthu. Yours words mean sooooo much to me. I was so happy to read your comment. I also don't make idiyappams often but I did it for the sake of kavin and the click event. My son was so thrilled seeing the sevai come out and it tempted him to try some. I was so happy that he atleast tried it. My mom also prefers the readymade ones as it saves so much of time and it tastes delicious too. Glad that you liked mine.

Hi Nags,
Ok dear. If you say so I'll gladly do it. But it's not as good as yours.:-)

Mansi Desai said...

this is a very enchanting dish Kribha! your hard work shows!! due credit to you and your hubby too:)

Kribha said...

Thanks Mansi. The cooking part was easy. Photographing it was difficult. :-)

Anonymous said...