Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Kitchen Disaster

Asha had tagged me for "Nightmare in the Kitchen" meme. This was originally started by Lakshmi of "The Yum Blog". It all started when she baked her "Warm Walnut Brownie Pudding". You can check the links at the end of the post to read all the stories.

Any cook will have their moment of nightmare in the kitchen at some point of time. Ofcourse, nobody is perfect and we all learn from our mistakes. If I start to write about mine this one post wouldn't be enough. So, I'm going to write about what my hubby did recently.

The day was Oct 23rd 2007. Everything went well until 6pm evening. Suddenly the power went off for 10 mins. One of my greatest fears is DARKNESS. Really, I'm not kidding. After sometime the power came. In a few mins, I heard talking sounds and walked in that direction to find what it was. The sound was coming from my bedroom upstairs. When I walked up the stairs I noticed that the TV was ON(It was Off before the power went out).

I was shocked to see my dark bedroom glowing like a haunted house. So, I ran outside my house along with my son and asked my hubby to drive fast and come home. Also, I locked the house and drove to the nearby gas station and waited for 'B' to come. Atlast he came and took us home. First he went into the house and made sure everything was ok and then we went in.
After this scary evening 'B' offered to cook some tandoori chicken for me as I was still not ok. So I cooked some food for my son alone and went to feed him. After some time, when it was time to take out the chicken from the oven...the nightmare started.

'B' dabbed some butter on the top of the chicken and put it under the broiler moving the rack from the center to the top-most level.Within minutes, we saw smoke. When we opened the oven we saw that the chicken and the marinade drippings had caught fire. I screamed and did not know what to do. 'B' took out the tray and ran to the deck. I asked him to throw it down. But he put off the fire somehow and he even managed to save the chicken ( a few bits got stuck to the foil paper though). Finally he dressed it up beautifully and presented to me as though nothing had happened. Here are some pics of the end product.

Look at the picture closely. This was taken before eating the chicken. But half was already gone as it got stuck to the foil and turned black..

Here are the links to some of the nightmares that have been blogged so far. Prepare to have an aching stomach after reading their posts.



Also,I would like to tag....
Sia, Sharmi and Rak's. Hope you all have fun dears.

Wanna take one last look of the chicken again? Here it is.....Enjoy!!!


Vcuisine said...

Very interesting Kribha. Viji

Latha Narasimhan said...

My God thats really scary! The first thing we should do when the power goes off is to put off all the switches except one bulb. then if anything goes wrong while operating any electrical equipment is to disconnect the power supply! Good that you all were safe!:) Your husband was very thoughtful to move to a open space and stay calm!

Asha said...

HeHe!! After all that Hallaballoo, those chicken still looks yummy!!!! Glad you are all safe and sound now.Good one girl!:)))

indosungod said...

Kribha, those chicken drumsticks look fine even after the ordeal. Need to have some cool heads when something scary happens, Kudos to 'B' for saving the day.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

haha Kribha...enjoyed ur post dear.....I replied to ur query for the kesar rolls...did u check it out..?

Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh, Kribha, that was a kitchen nightmare indeed. I'm so glad that the fire was not any more serious. And full marks to the hubby for presentation on saving the day.

Lakshmi@TOM said...

Hi Kribha, glad that you n ur fmaily are fine and that chicken still looks good. Full marks!

Priya said...


I have tried lots of dishes from your blog and I really liked everything.

Is it possible to post the recipe for the butter chicken? It looks really yummy.


lakshmi said...

:O :O - scary. you know once i returned home (my husband was still working) in the night to see the house glowing in blue. the television had been switched off but i dont understand to date why the blue screen came on. needless to say, i freaked that day!!! :D

Laavanya said...

Ooh.. so why did the tv turn on? That's weird. I can understand how spooky it must've been. One can hardly tell that the chicken went through so much from the looks of the photo... :)

sagari said...

chicken looks really yummy


wow those r tasty and colorful

Rajitha said...

that was funny kribha..i think the tv incident was kinda wierd...i would have stayed in the house but quite close to the door with my fav. items..where i could run off ;)...and if you had not told us about the chicken fiasco..nobody woul have guessed it from the pics!!

Bharathy said...

Really scary kribha!!Happy that we got you back!!
Chicken looks tempting even after the masacre! :D
Happy Diwali too!!

Kumudha said...

Kitchen nightmare was scary to read!

Latha Narasimhan said...

HAPPY DIWALI DEAR!! Lakshmi has gone to shimla not me!:)
Everyone seems to be confused!:D

Kribha said...

Hi Vijika, Sagari, Shanti Banu and Kumudha,
Thanks for all your kind words. Glad you all enjoyed the post.

Hi Latha ma,
Thanks for all the tips. I really needed it. I'm a nervous wreck in dangerous situations.

Hi Asha,
Happy to know that you liked the post. Sure it tasted good although it went through all that mishap.

Thanks for your lovely comment. 'B' was happy to read it and he raised his collar too.:-)

Hi cynthia,
Thanks dear. My hubby was so happy to read your comment. He was so proud.

Hi Lakshmi,
A warm welcome to you dear. Gald you enjoyed the post. My hubby was happy to read the comment.

Hi Priya,
Sorry for my late response dear. Glad to know that you enjoyed many of my recipes. Will surely post butter chicken sometime. Rightnow, I'm a little busy b'coz of diwali. will see you soon. Have a great Diwali dear.

Hi Lakshmi, have been there too? So you could have pictured how it would have been. It was really really scary.

Hi Laavanya,
That's what even I don't did the TV turn on? Still wondering....Glad that you liked the chicken.

Hi Rajitha,
wow...stayed close to whatever you love? Really, I was scared for my life first. Did not get anything else in my mind. Just grabbed my son and ran out. Anyway, I'm glad it's all over.

Hi Bharathy,
yes was terribly scary. Glad that we have crossed it. Happy that you liked the chicken too. Thanks for the wishes dear. You have a fantastic and safe diwali too.

Kribha said...

Oh Latha fault. Got confused. But thanks for the clarification. Have a good one.

Happy cook said...

Dis you find out now how the TV went on suddenly.
And what about the oven.Fire comming like that :-)
Are you sure your place is not spooked. JUst KIDDING.

Kribha said...

Hi HC,
No idea about the TV. Fire from the oven was my hubby's fault. Hey...I'm sitting alone now. Don't scare me. Otherwise, you will have to come and give me company.

Seema said...

Kribha - thats really scarry... Guess u had pre halloween scare at your place :-)Glad your all safe & fine!! The chicken looks great, even after fire accident - your hubby must be a good cook !!

Jeena said...

So funny Kribha but in a nice kind of way :D Good post thanks. :)

Lissie said...

kribha, two nightmares on the same night! thats really scary!!!

Rina said...

Hey, Kribha ho! what an evening you went thru, but still managed of save that tandoori chicken. How didi you feel eating it?

Julie said...

What a great story! I'm sometimes very afraid of the dark, too, and sometimes, I won't venture out into my own little house once I've turned out the lights for bed.

The chicken looks delicious! I'm a little afraid of my broiler because I know how easily it can set things on fire!

Kribha said...

Hi Seema,
Yes dear, the pre-halloween scare was pretty bad. I'm glad that it's all over. And yes, my hubby is a good cook. If i would have been in his postion I would have thrown it away. But he presented it beautifully that I really enjoyed it. Thanks dear for your kind words.

Hi Jeena & lissie,
Thankyou dears. Sure it was scary but I'm so happy that it came to an end.

Hi Rina,
Actually you know what. The chicken tasted pretty good. It was so soft and moist on the inside. I thought it would be dry. But was really suprised with the final product. Tasted delicious.

Hi Julie,
You are exactly like me. I'm also scared to walk around the house when the lights are off.

Aaarti said...

Hey Kribha
Came by your blog thru raaga's... that was quite an experience you've had.. but glad to know ur all ok..

i enjoy cooking,but dont blog as much as you girls do.. its fun reading recipes and trying them out..

i hav also experienced the MTR jamun mix going i know wat u mean abt it not being easy :)

happy cooking~~

Kribha said...

Hi Aarti,
A welcome to you you. Sorry for my late reply. So, you have had the MTR experience too? :-)
Nice to have you here. Please keep visiting.